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REcommended by Athletes and coaches

"I'm always concerned about the hydration of fighters; that's why I believe every fighter should have Foxhound in their fight camp.   I also really like the fact that the Post Workout contains amino acids and uses natural ingredients like turmeric, which aids in recovery."  

George Francis, Founder of FightersRep Kickboxing Promotion @FightersRep

"Foxhound Fuel supps are smartly formulated for MMA athletes. Their preworkout, Ready, is a savvy blend of jitter free ingredients that will still provide a nice boost of energy for serious training sessions."

 The MMA Guru

“Unlike other hydration drinks it's not too sweet but it definitely does it's job. Quenching my thirst and allowing me to go into the rounds full instead of depleted.”

John and Josh Wang Kim, Pro MMA Athletes @twindragons

"The preworkout keeps me alert but relaxed. It has a clean smooth taste that I look forward to drinking before I coach or train. Best of all I don't feel itchy, jittery or have dry mouth that's common with others in the market!"

Parrish Shipley, Muay Thai Athlete @_ships170

"As a fulltime worker, gym owner, instructor, and martial artist I can tell you how much I rely on being ready for the office all the way to the mats at night... No jitters, clean energy, and the recovery enhancements are so sorely needed."

Denney Choi, BJJ Blackbelt and owner of @baemjiujitsu

The pre workout and rehydration were both amazing. I’ve never enjoyed the taste and effects so much. The green tea taste amazing and kept me focused all workout. The hydration was an amazing taste and refreshing!

Gino Manzares, MMA Athlete and Pro Speedway Racer @giovannimanzares_

“When I took the matcha pre-work out I was delighted by the taste. It helped me to handle a heavy evening of training after my day job... I was very alert without jittery feeling. After the sessions, the rehydration mix, it really helped my recovery process and I feel excellent after all the rounds of mitt work.

Adam Castro, Boxing Coach @adam_castro_boxing

"The matcha pre-workout tasted so good! Boosted my focus and energy and was sustained for a long night of training, without jitters or a crash. The coconut hydration mix was also tasty, light and refreshing!"

Jocelyn Belle, Muay Thai Athlete @jocelyn.belle

To be able to train at a high level everyday, my body needs to stay hydrated. Foxhound Hydrate gives me everything through clean, natural ingredients and also tastes great

Chase Gibson, Pro MMA Athlete, @chasegibson_145


OUR MISSION: Help athletes Train Hard and Stay Sharp.

WE SERVE: Competitive and combat athletes

WE OFFER: Clean, natural, effective and enjoyable drink mixes to supplement your training

OUR ATHLETES: Need more than just caffeine and big muscles. They need to stay sharp and effectively execute technique 

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